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Welcome to Czech Republic

The regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia constitute the Czech Republic, a beautiful territory in the heart of Europe. The Czech Republic presents one with panoramas or great beauty, an undulating landscape, vast forests, mountain ranges, protected wildlife areas, cool rivers and lakes, which make up the picturesque countryside. Since the Middle Ages the many spring-fed spas have been utilized as therapy and as a source of refreshment. At every step one may behold architectural treasures. Thongh it is a small country, the
Czech Republic can boast of over 1.500 palaces and
castles. The Czech Republic - and above all Prague - has been the center of European culture. In keeping with this tradition, every year there are countless festivals of ballet, theatre, art, opera and music (both classical and contemporary).

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Area: 78.886 km2
Population: 10.304.302
Capital: Prague
Time: Central European (GMT+1), summer time - Central European (GMT+2)
Population density: 131/km2
Neighboring Countries: Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia
Length of border: 2.303 km
Political system: Parliamentary Democracy
Currency: Czech Crown
Voltage: 220 volts

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